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  Train Signalling Simulation (TS2)


"Train Signalling Simulation" (TS2) is a railway simulation game where you have to dispatch trains across an area and keep them on schedule.


2013-12-30: TS2 v0.4.0 is released !

We are happy to announce the release of TS2 v0.4.0.
This new version features:

This release is available on sourceforge as usual.
Please do not hesitate to report any bug you may find.
Enjoy !

2013-10-13: TS2 v0.3 is released !

We are happy to announce the release of version 0.3 of TS2. This version features:

2013-08-03: TS2 development started again !

After 5 years of inactivity, development of ts2 started again!
For this occasion, development site moved to GitHub (check and the software has been ported from C++ to Python in the hope to get faster coding.
Homepage and release files remain on sourceforge.
The next release (v0.3) will focus on adding a simulation editor to ts2 so that users can create their own simulations


TS2 main features are:


See also TS2 project page (screenshots)


See TS2 project page (download)




For all questions you can:


Development site

Development is hosted on GitHub. Check


TS2 is now beta software which means that it is usable but still lacks many features that I have planned for the version 1.0.
Please post to the forum or the mailing list the features you want in TS2 so I can code accordingly.

How to contribute

Contributors are always welcome! Here is a list of things you can do:

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